Wonderful Things

‘Wonderful Things’ wanted to create a website with a visual online trail to help users re-discover the 'wonders' of Lancashire's local museums. Twentyone Agency used their creative web design and development skills to visualise the project with a bespoke developed website.

Project summary

Twentyone was tasked to create a visual online trail to help the public re-discover the 'wonders' of Lancashire's local museums.

On the website, commissioned by Arts Council England, users can move around the trail and reveal information, pictures, video, audio and helpful links.

The website uses the latest jQuery and CSS technology making the experience interactive and memorable for users.

What we did

  • Website With Interactive Map
  • Animation Design
  • Mobile Optimised Website

What we achieved

“The new Wonderful Things website is an easy to use, interactive experience for users. It really is more innovative, different and creative than many websites out there.”

Elaine Lees, Creativity Works.

Wonderful Things Interactive Map Wonderful Things Web Development Wonderful Things Animation

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